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Urban planning

Citizen Participation Projects
  • Citizen Participation Projects

Example of Methods of analysis of requirements and satisfaction of users:

For the compilation of the accessibility plan a meeting with all the neighbourhood associations is summoned to create a debate on the requirements of each user in mobility, accessibility and management issues of the municipality. Simultaneously, it is hoped that they participate indicating those architectural barriers with which they come up against daily and that they suggest some proposals.

  • Analysis of requirements of demographic tendencies

The growth of cities and the social structure of them are directly related. The analysis of the demographic tendencies helps to understand the growth of the actual cities.

  • Management of Institutional Citizen Awareness Campaigns

The intention is to convince the citizen of the importance of his or her participation in all processes of urban transformation.

Urban planning Consultancy
  • Urban planning Consultancy - Design for All

When we analyze the city, it is necessary to think of contributing accessibility to Urban planning; in young people, children, adults, older people, people that have difficulties when walking, people who have to move with the aid of a wheelchair, people with auditory or visual limitations, etc. All these people, that is to say, all the citizens are the potential beneficiaries of the improvement of the accessibility in the city, to design it by means of a transformation process towards a more comfortable and friendly city under the criteria of Design for All.

In this diagnosis the public thoroughfare is analysed, public and private construction, the systems of transport, information and provision of services. These studies are based on the demographic characteristics of the existing social layers in each municipality, also considering, the possible visitors who are received.

  • Analysis and Management of Plans of Accessibility of Public Thoroughfare

The accessibility plan is the municipal instrument that programs the interventions necessary to adapt the city in the issues of public thoroughfare, buildings and transport. The necessity to establish a balance between pedestrians and vehicles gives rise to a reframing of the public space promoting the accessibility of pedestrian streets, strengthening pedestrian spaces and establishing alternative means for vehicles, which throughout history have invaded the space occupied by the pedestrians. The most recent accessibility plans of public thoroughfare carried out have been: Getaria, Buenavista del Norte, Ordizia, Elgoibar, Laguardia, Masnou and Cabrera de Mar. Also we are the tender selected for Morella and Palma de Mallorca.

Public Thoroughfare Projects
  • Public Thoroughfare Projects

Undertaking of public thoroughfare executive projects to give an image to the urban space, defining sections suitably and street types, width of sidewalk and quality of materials, as well as the models of urban furniture to obtain an improvement of use on the part of the citizens.

Example: La Avenida Cataluña de Parets del Vallès. Project that gathers the intervention in the main axis of the zone of eixample, the old motorway, to transform it into a walkway that revitalizes the sector, strengthening commerce and regulating the urban traffic.

  • Urban Park Projects

Drawing up of adjustment projects of the urban space to construct urban parks, as much from the point of view of civil work as well as gardening/landscaping. Example: Extension of the Park of Terramar. Jardí dels Sentits de Sitges: adjustment of an annexed space to the Park of Terramar as a garden, respecting the existing part of the vegetation and elements like a public square, one old tank... and has been reorganised creating a game where sight, touch, taste, hearing and the sense of smell are present at all times.

Virtual Images of the Projects
  • Virtual Images of the Projects

Images of the future from real photographs of the urban scope.


Interventions in Montserrat, in order to make more “understandable” the proposal of public thoroughfare, "renders" of the access stretch were made and of the Plaza de Santuario square.

  • Design of Urban Furniture and Childrens Playgrounds
Design of Urban Furniture and Childrens Playgrounds

The necessity to improve the city is experiencing a new orientation in the design of the elements of the public thoroughfare. Simultaneously, advice on the criteria is provided that would have to fulfil the urban elements and furniture, urban as well as construction, from the point of view of Design for All , to be incorporated in the specifications manuals so as to facilitate technicians with the necessary criterion to carry out projects.

Tree-hole Camelo Report. Occasionally we collaborate with urban furniture design companies so as to obtain, in this case, a tree-hole that fulfils all the aspects required by the rules and regulations.

  • Systems of signalling and communication

In order to facilitate citizens’ lives, the regulations for signalling are given, places where they should be situated, necessary elements, icons, notices, contrast necessary... Also, the basic criterion as far as communication goes, places that must have information points, special telephones, website programs....


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