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Technical texts and publications

  • Advice on the compilation of a Specification Manual

Example: Design revision of the new underground line 9 station. The aim of the study was to analyse the station design of the 4t stretch of the Underground L9 (Sagrera Meridiana – Can Zam / Gorg) just as they appear in the construction project by GISA and carried out by AUDING. For each and every shortfall as well as for improvement points, an alternative solution was proposed to ensure a comfortable and safe interaction for the user, whether he or she is a traveller or staff member of the operating company.

  • Manual of Conditions and Criteria for the Design and the Location of Elements and Urban Furniture in the Public Thoroughfare

This document offers the basic directives to elaborate projects of public thoroughfare, crossing solutions and arrangement of urban furniture. The parameters allow to locate elements based on the width of sidewalk and typologies are determined and sections based on the width of the street.


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