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Environment and Sustainability

Sustainability has always been an integral factor in the solutions we develop, regardless of a project’s area of expertise.

Fortunately, the development of a wide variety of projects and services with sustainability and environmental concerns at their heart has been made easier thanks to a general commitment to protecting the environment and providing for future generations.


  • Consultancy: working with private- and public-sector organisations to evaluate environmental behaviour and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Energy efficiency consultancy: working with municipal bodies to identify and improve energy efficiency and to contract energy services.
  • Sustainable Urban Mobility plans: Plans for improving urban modes of transport and strategies for reducing environmental impact and improving citizens’ quality of life.
  • Training and educational programmes: Training programmes designed for council workers, professionals and students working within different fields, with the aim of fostering innovation in the identification and implementation of solutions, ensuring that they are socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.
  • GIS (Geographic Information System): ProA Solutions has been using GIS since 1991, during which time we have discovered its enormous potential. Our GIS applications provide the non-expert with invaluable, user-friendly tools for managing complex scenarios.


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