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What we do

Urban Planning

This area focuses on the cities analysis. It influences their shape, layout, design and the dynamics of the economical, social and environmental activities developed in the metropolis. The scales and disciplines diversity that includes urban planning needs a holistic perspective to face the responsibility of studying and organizing urban systems.

In our projects we focus on people’s needs and freedom. Though reality analysis and participatory methods we disclose the best development opportunities for the studied territory having social, economical and environment sustainability always in mind.


  • Accessibility Plans: aim to analyze the accessibility reality of a town, city or region to set up a management plan to:
    • Improve the accessibility in inaccessible areas
    • Guarantee that any new intervention is accessible
    • Maintain the accessibility conditions in existent public spaces, buildings and services.
  • Urban Planning Projects: Envisaging the future needs of a city and the wishes of their citizens we include in the urban planning tools all the elements for a social, economical and environment sustainability.
  • Public Spaces Projects:
    • Thoroughfare projects: Knowing the local architects point of view and analyzing the neighbours needs we design street and squares for the use of all citizens. On the other hand, we provide creative solutions to deal with complex topographies.
    • Parks: When designing parks we combine the highest respect to nature and the enjoyment of the users. In urban gardens we stress the civic use of the public space bearing all generations in mind.
  • Training and Education: In our courses, seminars and workshops we aim to infuse to the participants the respect to human diversity and to teach them how to put it into practice in their projects. Methodologies that varies according to the needs from lectures to “learning by doing” exercises.
  • G.I.S (Geographic Information System): We make use of GIS since 1991. Along this lapse of time we have discovered the enormous potential of this tool and we have developed our own applications to provide to our non expert client excellent friendly tools to manage complex situations.
  • Auditing and Certification: When requested we audit public spaces in order to discover gaps between the analyzed object and the legislation or the best users’ requirements and we prepare the requested documentation to be certified under national or international standards.
  • R&D: European Projects


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