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What we do

Transport and Mobility

Move people and goods from one place to another require efficient and sustainable mobility and transport systems. An effective transport environment is defined by the safety and freedom attached to the use of each means of transport. The quality of built environments cannot be positively valued if the transport systems cannot guarantee access to everybody.

Functionality is the key issue. The transport should be efficient from the moment that the person takes the decision to travel to the arrival to final destination. One chain is as strong as the weakest link. Ensure the best functionality in all the aspects of the transport chain is a must. We analyze, propose and design solutions for quality improvement and we propose innovative alternatives to guarantee everyone’s right to transport.


  • Mobility plans:
    • Sustainable Urban Mobility plans: The plan aims to improve the transport modes and strategies to reduce environmental impact and improve citizens’ quality of life.
    • Generated Mobility studies: When new attracting poles in a territory are settled we analyze the best efficient and ecological way to manage the transport
    • Transport studies: We produce “ad hoc” studies like benchmarking, transport in rural areas or for people with activity limitations, etc.
  • Accessibility Plans in Transport.
  • Training and Education: In our courses, seminars and workshops we aim to infuse to the participants the respect to human diversity and to teach them how to put it into practice in their projects. Methodologies that varies according to the needs from lectures to “learning by doing” exercises.
  • G.I.S: We make use of GIS since 1991. Along this lapse of time we have discovered the enormous potential of this tool and we have developed our own applications to provide to our non expert client excellent friendly tools to manage complex situations.
  • Certifications and Auditing.
  • R&D:
    • We contribute in the design process of rolling stock (buses, trains, tramways, taxis), ticket machines, information displays, elevators for public spaces, etc.
    • European Projects.


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