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What we do

ICT and Graphical Design

We adapt the ITC and Graphical Design services to make them available to everybody, in order to propagate knowledge and facilitate the comprehension and conversation between all of us. The physical devices as well as the virtual environments must permit information access to as many people as possible. Practically, they are the core element of our nowadays economic and social activities. From The Internet to new mobile phones mechanism, all technologies must allow a higher autonomy of their users.


  • Development and implementation of GIS (Geographic Information System). It is an application that allows everybody to know the accessibility conditions in the municipality, edification, metropolitan area, transport and communication, and consequently choose the best mobility route.
    • Update of PGM Cartography: It involves bringing up to date city-planning classifications and qualifications compiling all the variations of the Plan, with the definitive approval and outlining the scope of intervention.
    • Digitalisation of Planes: In order to facilitate the work of the technicians in the future, the possibility is offered of digitising the information of city council plans. There is also the possibility of updating them.
    • Data GIS: In order to facilitate, in the future, the management of an accessibility plan, the possibility of the digitalisation of the municipal data in a geographic information system is offered.
  • Web Accessibility Consultancy: Design for All (Universal Design) on the Internet.
  • Training and Education: In our courses, seminars and workshops we aim to infuse to the participants the respect to human diversity and to teach them how to put it into practice in their projects. Methodologies that varies according to the needs from lectures to “learning by doing” exercises.
  • R&D:
    • Software development.
    • Design of new services through the Internet.
    • European Projects.


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