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What we do

Ergonomics, Engineering and Industrial Design

Ergonomics has been traditionally associated to the work environment, but can be extrapolated to all interactions between a human being and an object or service. This principle of “accommodating” environments products and services to users needs can be also applied to engineering and industrial design, understanding it as the design of mass-produced products improving their aesthetics and usability.

  • Services:
    • Ergonomics studies.
    • Training and Education: In our courses, seminars and workshops we aim to infuse to the participants the respect to human diversity and to teach them how to put it into practice in their projects. Methodologies that varies according to the needs from lectures to “learning by doing” exercises.
    • G.I.S (Geographic Information System): We make use of GIS since 1991. Along this lapse of time we have discovered the enormous potential of this tool and we have developed our own applications to provide to our non expert client excellent friendly tools to manage complex situations.
    • Certifications and Auditing
    • R&D: New products design and European Projects


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