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What we do

Architecture and Interior Design

We design all types of physical structures and spaces, guaranteeing that all people can access, understand and use the environment with as much independency as possible, regardless of their capacities. The users and their diversity are our core concept for each architecture and interior design project, where we also tackle the aesthetic, functional and technical aspects.


  • Advising: analysis and proposed improvements or criteria to ensure the accessibility and functionality of spaces and buildings.
  • Accessibility Plans: aim to analyze the accessibility reality of a town, city or region to set up a management plan to:
    • Improve the accessibility in inaccessible areas.
    • Guarantee that any new intervention is accessible.
    • Maintain the accessibility conditions in existent public spaces, buildings and services.
  • Review of Projects and Adaptation Projects in Public and Private Building Facilities.
  • Public and Private Housing development projects.
  • Management and Supervision of Public and Private Works.
  • Training and Education: In our courses, seminars and workshops we aim to infuse to the participants the respect to human diversity and toteach them how to put it into practice in their projects. Methodologies that varies according to the needs from lectures to “learning by doing” exercises.
  • G.I.S (Geographic Information System): We make use of GIS since 1991. Along this lapse of time we have discoveredthe enormous potential of this tool and we have developed our own applications to provide to our non expert client excellent friendly tools to manage complex situations.
  • Certifications and Auditing.


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