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How we work

Interdisciplinary team

ProAsolutions consists of an extended European group of professionals specialized in our knowledge areas. This plurality and diversity adds an immense value to the company that can count on a team that can adapt to different realities.

This strength allows ProAsolutions creating the best team work depending on each project demands. We also create joint teams with our clients, merging the resources and maximizing the results as follows:

  • Obtaining results that can be multidisciplinary contrasted.
  • Guaranteeing that all adopted Solutions consider the target area or market’s particular characteristics and are adapted to all particular manifested needs.


  • After careful consideration of the whole project, we assign a project team made up for the best professionals to carry the project on.
  • This project team will be guided by a project leader, who is also our customer main contact person. Through the whole team and this person in particular, we offer our clients a personalized care.
  • Also, each project is supported by Francesc Aragall (Founder and General Manager), who can give advice in each phase of the development process.


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